The Perfect Party Favors for Your Nashville Bachelorette!


Are you planning to get Nashty on your Bachelorette? Perhaps it's your 'last rodeo'?? Well you're going to need some adorable and personalized party favors to take your Nashville Bachelorette party to the next level! Lucky for you, we've got the cutest party favors all lined up for you here! 

1. Bride's Last Rodeo T-Shirt

  • Nothing says Bachelorette party like matching t-shirts with a cheeky saying! These adorable ones are customizable and are lightweight enough to be worn in that Tennessee heat! 

Nashville Bachelorette Shirt

2. Personalized Drink Pouch

  • Adult capri-sun anyone?! These drink pouches are perfect for traveling and can be personalized with your bridesmaids names so they won't have to guess which cocktail is theirs! They're the cutest little party favor!

Nashville Drink Pouch

3. Hangover Kit

  • Bachelorette trips have become synonymous with hangovers so make them a little more bearable with these hangover kits! Customize these with your bridesmaid's names and the Nashville ones come with this cute cowgirl boot! They also come already filled with a band-aid, Emergen-C, and travel Tylenol! 

Nashville Hangover Kit

4. Personalized Tumbler

  • These personalized tumblers are the perfect party favor that will remind your girls of that special time you shared in Nashville every time they go into their kitchen! They can be personalized with each of your bridesmaids names so they can keep track of their drink alllll weekend long! 

Acrylic Tumbler with Rose Gold Lid

5. Heart Shaped Sunglasses

  • These adorable sunglasses really need no introduction. I mean, just think of the perfect photos you're going to get of your girls wearing these and sipping out of their drink pouches?! It screams Nashville Bachelorette! 

Pink Heart Shaped Sunglasses

6. Nashville Bach Box! 

  • If you're thinking "I can't pick just one of these, I need them all!" you're in for a treat! We are launching our Nashville Bach Box today! It's the perfectly personalized Nashville Bachelorette Box and it's full of all the party favors you need to make the most of your Nashville Bachelorette trip and make sure it's a weekend you will never forget! 

Nashville Bachelorette Box

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