10 Gifts for Employees As You Go Back to the Office


Your employees have been working from home for over a year now and with the many offices returning to work in the office it can be quite the adjustment for your employees! Not to mention, they've definitely gone through it over the past year so they deserve a little gift to show them how much you appreciate all of their hard work and dedication.

Here's some of our favorite gifts (and gifts we'd love to get) for your co-workers to ease the transition and let them know how much you appreciate them! 

1. Cute Notepad

  • Give them a cute place to write down all of their notes and very important info from those in-person meetings they aren't used to anymore! 

2. Playful Pens 

  • And if they have a cute notebook  – they need cute pens to write with! These adorable pens have sayings printed on them and the fun colors brighten any work day.

Cute Pastel Pens

3. Pocket Latte

  • After working from home for so long, they're probably used to handling that midday slump with a homemade iced coffee and a little rest on the couch. But being back in the office means they need a new (just as nice) way to beat it. Help them fight the midday slump with this pocket latte chocolate bar. Each bar contains a full cup of brewed coffee mixed with cream, sugar, and chocolate it's a very delicious alternative to a cup of coffee. 

Pocket Latte Chocolate Bar

4. Personalized Stainless Steel Tumbler

  • Back to the office means back to a...shared kitchen. A personalized cup is a must when you're sharing a kitchen again with all of your co-workers. Make sure they never lose their cup again with a personalized stainless steel travel tumbler! 

Personalized Stainless Steel Tumbler



5. You're a Gem Chocolate Bar + Thank You Card

  • A card and a chocolate bar all in one?! Yes please! Write them a little note of appreciation for all their hard work. 

Thank You Card and Chocolate Bar


6. Screen Cleansing Towelettes 

  • Everyone is a little more diligent about sanitizing these days so make sure they're prepared for it at the office too with these cute screen cleansing towelettes! 

Screen Cleansing Towelettes

7. Mini Thank You Gift Box

  • Don't have time to build a custom box? Just hit send on this mini thank you gift. This box comes with a personalized stainless steel mug, two pocket lattes, and a card for your gift message! 

Mini Thank You Gift Box

8. You Did It Sticker

  • A small gift but a meaningful one none-the-less! This little reminder that you know what they've done to keep the business going over the past year. 

You Did It Sticker

9. Good Morning Gift Box

  • The weekends get a little bit sweeter when you spend most days in the office so give your employee a little something extra to look forward to! Brunch in a box with biscuit mix, salted caramel honey spread, a personalized mug and two pocket lattes!

Brunch Gift Box


 10. Custom Gift Box 

  • Pick and choose products that you know your favorite employee will love! 
Want to surprise your entire team? Let's work together to build a custom gift box that matches your branding. Fill out our corporate gifting form here.

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