7 Unique 21st Birthday Gift Ideas


It's finally here! The coveted 21st birthday has arrived for your best friend, sister, daughter, cousin (we could go on!) and you're looking for the perfect gift! Everyone else is giving them bottles of champagne and cases of white claw but you want to take it up a level with a unique and personalized gift. We've got you covered, sis! 

Box Babe Gift co has the perfect gifts for the 21st Birthday girl! We've rounded up 7 unique 21st birthday gifts sourced exclusively from women-owned businesses that you can give your bestie! 


1. Personalized Wine Tumbler

  • She obviously needs her own cup to keep that drink in! Personalize her wine tumbler so that she'll never have to wonder if it's hers when she's living it up at her 21st birthday party! 

2. 'It's All Good' Can Cooler

  • Maybe she's more of a can girl? No problem! Get her this posh velvet can cooler to keep her drink cold and still show off her boujee side 💁🏼‍♀️

 Can Cooler

3. 'Basic' White Claw Sticker

  • You know she's anything but basic, but she DOES love a good white claw so this cheeky sticker is the perfect addition to her gift! 

 Basic White Claw Sticker

4. Glitter Bomb for Her Drink!

  • Ok, nothing says 21st birthday like a glitter bomb for her favorite drink! Drop this tasteless, edible, cotton candy, glitter bomb into any drink (the sparkly ones really take it over the edge) and make any drink a little more fancy ✨

    Cotton Candy Glitter Bomb

5. 'Shit Could Be Worse' Satin Eye Mask

  • In all reality, the morning after her 21st birthday has the potential to be a little...rough (you know what we mean) help her get some extra shut-eye and keep the light out with this super cute satin eye mask!Satin Eye Mask

6. Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears

  • Everyone loves a sweet treat on their birthday. Instead of baking her a cake – get her these champagne gummy bears! An elevated version of a childhood favorite with a 21st birthday spin

 Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears

7. Curated and Personalized Gift Box

  • Prefer to let someone else put together the perfect gift? We'd love to! Choose from our pre-selected birthday gift boxes carefully curated with products sourced from women-owned businesses. You can personalize them with her name but we get it all packaged and shipped to make gifting as simple as pressing a button!

Glow Shawty Box

All of these products can be found in our build-a-box option on our website so you can build her the perfect birthday gift! 

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