5 Ways to Stay In Touch With Your Long-Distance BFF!


I remember standing on the lawn outside of my college wearing my cap and gown and holding onto my best friends for dear life as tears streamed down my face. 
We were all moving to different cities post-grad and the thought of not living in the same dorm was so sad! We were all beyond excited to start our new lives but also wondering how we were going to maintain our friendships when we weren't down the hall anymore. 

Well we consider ourselves experts now because four years later we're still holding strong! With graduation season upon us – we wanted to share 5 ways to stay in touch with your long-distance BFF. Just because you don't live down the hall anymore doesn't mean you have to lose touch! 

1. Virtual Happy Hours

  • So you can't go to your favorite bar down the street together for thirsty Thursday but you can pour your favorite drink and FaceTime your BFF. Schedule a time to gather your besties and share a virtual drink to debrief your new jobs and dating stories and it will make the distance seem just a little smaller! 

2. Start a Book Club

  • A good book is a great way to maintain a commonality in your long-distance friendships! Pick a book that is new to all of you and schedule a time weekly to go over the book and discuss it! Having a topic that everyone is involved in can help create a bond when everyone is living separate lives (like when you all took that gen-ed bio class and suffered through it together – but it's the fun version!)

3. 'Live Tweet' a Show in the Group Chat

  • Do you all love the Bachelor? Or maybe you're super into Bravo? Set aside time every week when it's on to sit down and watch it while texting your besties about the drama! Everyone loves to talk about dramatic tv together – it's the ultimate bonding activity!

4.  Plan a Future Trip Together

  • Have you been talking about taking a girls trip to the beach for years? Well, make some moves! Start picking out your destination, look up Air BnB's, and make a plan to get together. Knowing when you will see your besties again can make the absence a little more bearable! 

5. Send Them a Gift Box!

  • Everyone LOVES getting packages and when they're a surprise from your BFF it's even better! Box Babe Gift Co. has the perfect gifts to send that let them know you're thinking about them! You can choose from a curated box option or build it yourself with exactly what your bestie loves. Each box comes with a personalized item and a hand-written note for that extra touch. Sending them a care package is a way to go above and beyond to let them know that even though you may be miles apart – you're still always going to be there for them. 

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