5 Gifts for the Most Relaxing Mother's Day


Every mom deserves a little extra relaxation on Mother's Day! Supply her with the perfect ingredients for a relaxing spa day so she can unwind and enjoy her day to the fullest! We've rounded up 5 of our favorite products all sourced from women-owned businesses that will be the perfect addition to her at-home spa day. 

1. Strawberry Juice Face Mask

  • True relaxation is a face mask on and the rest of the world – off. This strawberries and cream sheet mask from ESW Beauty contains coconut, vanilla bean, almond milk, and strawberry extracts to soothe her skin. Strawberry Juice Face Mask

2. Magnolia Bath Bomb

  • Where is the perfect place to let that face mask sink in? A luxurious soak with a bath bomb from Old Whaling Company. This Magnolia scented bath bomb is loaded with epsom salts and oils that will soothe, moisturize, and transport her into pure bliss! Magnolia Scented Bath Bomb

3. Sunshine Soap 

  • Help her rinse off the day and all its stresses with this turmeric and lemongrass soap from Madison Soap Co. It's scent is the perfect mood booster for any time of day! 

Sunshine Soap


4. Magnolia Body Butter

  • She is definitely going to need to moisturize after soaking in her bath so give her this magnolia body butter from Old Whaling Company! It is lightweight and made with shea butter, sunflower oil, and aloe vera that is nourishing for all skin types. 

Magnolia Body Butter

5. Cup of Love Tea

  • Every spa day needs a warm cup of tea to take that relaxation to the next level. This sweet rose tea reduces stress and soothes the soul so it's the perfect companion to her spa day! 

Cup of Love Rose Tea


Want to combine all of these into one perfectly relaxing gift? Build a custom gift box on our website here and put together the perfect Mother's Day Gift for the mom in your life!

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